Client's Testimonials

  • "Specifics about Deissy’s counseling style: She found natural ways to relate with me as a person. This made me feel supported and never judged. I found that I like sharing positive things in my life as much as the areas I need to improve. In addition, conversation flows naturally; there is a back and forth. When I share something, she does not ask, “and why do you feel this way?” rather there is a normal discussion. To me, this is quite the opposite of the way therapists are portrayed in movies and TV. Lastly, she has a breadth of knowledge and experiences, and she loves neuroscience."
  • "I highly recommend Deissy Rosenbaum. I met Deissy when I felt at the lowest point in my life. Family life was chaotic. I kept thinking I could fix everything around me but all of my efforts were futile. This led me to try therapy and it was the best decision I have ever made for myself. Deissy explained that therapy would be hard work and very uncomfortable at times. This was all true. I had to sit with feelings that I had never allowed myself to feel. I had to sit with feelings that made me angry at myself and people I love the most. However, I was not left alone in these feelings. Deissy helped me process them and learn new and healthy ways to start feeling and understanding life. Life no longer feels chaotic because I have learned to handle and prevent chaos. I know how to manage my feelings instead of suppressing them. She made me a map of my childhood, my mind, and my emotions."

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